Video archive of TSBA monthly meetings.


Feb 2018,  Marine Outboard Specialties; Eric Burnett outboard maintenance.

March 2018


Ezell Cox and Mel Cook, Topic; Bait Tanks


Jay Girardot & Doug Steffe, Topic; Umbrella Rigs


Keith Shannon, Topic; Keeping bait alive/ bait tanks


Allen Franklin, Topic; Catching bait / Cast net throwing (outdoor)


Jim Negus, Topic; Lake temperatures and dissolved Oxygen,


Mike Smith, Topic; TWRA Stocking program on area lakes


Ezell Cox, Topic; Tips on locating fish / seasonal migration patterns.


Speaker: Keith Shannon Topic: Keeping bait alive



Speaker: Mike Smith Topic: TWRA fish stocking program


Speaker: Ezell Cox Topic: Winter fishing tips


umbrella rigs, striper fishing